Replied Philipp Lettner, the oldest brother.
A consuming madness flashed in their eyes.
Or Ill tear your hide to shreds, until you cry out to our dead mother.
Joachim kerscher, president of the Regensburg tax office.In a few minutes the slaughter was over.Prologue, somewhere IN THE midst OF THE thirty years WAR november 1637.Discipline, do you hear?They sold the booty to women who followed the army in wagons peddling goods, so the gang members always had money for food, drink, and whoring.

Duke of Schwaben, Lords of Gemmingen Wevelinghoven.
The men laughed, picking up the women and setting tyrol Dating them down on their horses or dragging them by the hair behind them.
Castellan of Altenburg, Lord of Usedom.
Markgraf Otto I von Hachberg, Herr von Diessenhofen, Sigmund Hans Schoch von Klingenberg.4 sets of flags for the Holy Roman Empire.Bonifaz fronwieser, Schongau town doctor, michael berchtholdt, master baker and alderman.This section is based on historical sources and should be fairly accurate (numbers 1-3).They had looted, murdered, and raped, again and again.

The villagers were going about their usual chores when they saw the mercenaries approach.