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Ce document provient.A team named Grays raced against the home team which was called Cambridge at Caxton Speedway near Cambridge on 10 September 1931.James has heard all the stories before, but refuses to entertain such attitudes.Grays est la plus importante commune.Sitting outside a café near the JobCentrePlus in Grays, Pat, a retired industrial cleaner, speaks of her resentment of immigrant workers who she says are prepared to do the same jobs as locals for less money.

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In a part of south-east England where the English Defence League and the British National Party are active, he is not alone.
"I'm quite happy with what I'm doing." His boss, Mick Dickinson, says he considers the government's wellbeing project a scheme designed to measure national progress more effectively than GDP a waste of time and money, or, as he says, "a crock of shit".
"I think most plant men are happy enough, apart from the never-ending paperwork he says."Once your children have grown up you haven't got to worry as much." But being divorced, it turns out, is her main source of exhilaration.But you're not he says.When asked how satisfied they were with their lives, more than a quarter of respondents in the "process, plant and machine operatives" category gave a rating that was low or very low.Stepping down from his JCB on the outskirts of west Thurrock, Tony says he has been a plant operative ever since he was.Anchetil de Greye, who was granted the manor.Children can be a pressure for seemingly everyone but the parents involved so at The White Hart Inn there is a sensible policy aimed at keeping everyone happy. .Grays is after all within easy reach of London and, consequently, a magnet for both property developers and home buyers. .Also Grays bus station by the station above is a hub for most bus services in Thurrock."It's OK he says, "but it seems to have gone downhill." He worries about his daughters, aged 10 and 13, growing up in a part of the world where crime seems to be rife.